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Black set - White vest - Bag - Sandals - Shades

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OMGNB: Backpack for women

Sometimes you need to carry so many things that you can not really put all of them inside a regular purse, you just need a backpack once and for all. But so many times they look kinda sloppy or too masculine, don't they? On OMGNB, you can find many backpacks for women for a good price and made of different materials such as synthetic leather, canvas and nylon, for instance.

With prices coming from $14, you will find so many different styles and prints on this website and you can even use a special tool to compare with other items available on the store. You can pay with credit card, Western Union or PayPal and then wait from 6-7 days for delivery in UK, IR and West Europe or even just 2-3 days if you live in Asia!

The shipping can be made via EMS or USPS for the most places in the world. You will get an estimate price whenever you finish your order and the parcels will be marked as "gift" or "samples" to avoid fees imposed by customs, although the client is still responsible for any charges, in case they happen. OMGNB also offers tracking code for your security.

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